Monday, April 28, 2014

Chipped Beef Dip

It is finally Spring, it is finally getting to be backyard BBQ, backyard sittin' weather!  Can I get an "AMEN"?  Friends, family and neighbors.......good times!

I find that many times during this time of year, you have people stop by, or call on short notice, which hey...nobody needs to call at my house, you just come over, no time is a bad time for friends or family, that is our philosophy!  But sometimes you need to throw some chips and dip or picky food together quick to go with a cold beer, or a big glass of your favorite cold drink!  This recipe is perfect for just those times!  Of course it is perfect for anytime but it is so easy, takes hardly any ingredients and there is no bake time, just some chill time and honestly if you HAD to, you could serve it 10 minutes after you make it.  I mean, that is just the truth.  I find that we like it chilled first.  Just personal preference again.

So get going, make sure to read the note below before you run to the store and make this.  Chow down while you watch your favorite shows, throw back a cold one, or are enjoying good conversation with friends and family!

2- 8oz. bricks of cream cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
1 1/2 tsp. onion powder
2-4 tbsp. milk (add more if you like a looser dip)
2.5 (up to about 3.5) ounces dried beef  (see note below)
1-2 tbsp. chopped parsley

Let your cream cheese come to room temperature.  While it is doing that, cut your dried beef into small pieces.  Place beef into a skillet and on LOW HEAT let it crisp up just a bit.  It will burn very easy so you "cook everything on highers" beware!  When it has warmed up and gone as far as you want it to go, let it cool.  Add sour cream, cooled dried beef, onion powder, 2 tbsp. milk, and parsley to cream cheese, Using a hand mixer, beat until all creamy and combined.  You may or may not need the extra tablespoon or 2 of milk, the consistency is your preference and 2 tbsps. was perfect for me.  Chill for at least 1 hour before serving.

NOTE: The minimum amount of dried beef you should use is a 2.5 ounce jar. I found that I wanted more than that so I used more, but remember, it Will AFFECT the saltiness of your dip.  So however you want it, it up to you!  If you rinse your dried beef under cold water for a couple of minutes it will get rid of some of the salt!

I served mine with Ritz crackers but that is up to you.  Small crostini would be good too!

Enjoy this simple and delicious dip when you need a quick appetizer or snack!

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