Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chicken Fried Rice!

You have asked for it.  I have asked you for your tips and tricks.  I have experimented and I think I have it.  The best chicken fried rice I can produce is no longer a secret!

That being said, can I just tell you how it has been the week from HELL?  My husband was in an accident that was not his fault.  Insurance ridiculousness, other drive (cop) lied about what happened.  They finally busted him on it, got the truth and now our car is headed to the hospital on Tuesday for major ($4,000) worth of) work, possibly more once they get started.  I have spent more time on the phone, ripping behinds this week, than I have my entire life.  I pulled out my inner Jerry Springer a few times, I am not proud, but dammit, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  ESPECIALLY when I knew my husband wasn't at fault.   Anywho, we will be on the road as planned to visit my son in Hineseville, GA.  He is stationed at Ft. Stewart and we are looking forward to laughing, cooking, sightseeing, and making wonderful memories.  I miss that kid so much.  It doesn't matter how old they get, you miss them when they aren't near you.  We will however, be driving a beautiful rental, provided by my new "friends" at American Family Insurance.  Shoutout to James.....HOLLA James.....*insert eye roll and growling noise*

Ok without further delay, let us get on with this recipe.  So many requests for it lately, decided to get on the ball and make you, my amazing friends happy! 

Oh wait, first let's talk about the rice.  I used minute rice.  Yes...I did.  I don't think the kind of rice you use is nearly as important as what you do with the rice, cook it in and afterwards.  As most of you know I shop often in my local Asian Market.  I buy (sodium laden I am sure but don't care) wonton soup base.  I add it to my water when I am boiling it for rice.  You can add some soy sauce, use chicken stock, whatever, just make sure you do something with the rice.  Add some ground ginger or a slice of regular ginger so it infuses.  Cook rice per your package directions.  THEN.....are you listening?  Put it in the Frigidaire overnight.  Make this rice ahead of time.  You could even make it in the morning and use it at night.  You have to do this, it makes the rice dry out a bit more so it is not sticky at all, separates so easily and is perfect.  Now moving on...

3 cups rice (precooked measure so making accordingly)
1 carrot grated
4 boneless skinless chicken thighs (or use breasts), sliced into small strips and marinated for as long as you want in 3 tbsp soy sauce.
1/4 cup peas
3 eggs (whisked, salted and peppered)
1/2 tsp grated or minced garlic
soy sauce to taste

In a wok or nonstick pan add in 2 tbsp peanut oil.  (use veg if you want).  Heat for 2 minutes on high and add in chicken.  Pour all the juices from the soy sauce in as well.  Cook for 3-4 minutes stirring constantly until cooked all the way through

Remove chicken and put in a bowl and set aside.  Add eggs to pan and scramble completely and then remove from the pan into a bowl.

Add in rice, carrots and garlic.  Stir for 2-3 minutes.  Add in more soy sauce if you choose to taste!

Add into the rice mixture, the eggs, and the chicken and the peas.  Stir constantly!  Fry for 2 more minutes add more soy sauce at any time according to what you like.  Remember the rice should have great flavor to begin with so you don't have to use much!!

Serve and enjoy!  Change out the chicken for pork or beef or use no meat at all.  Use green onion, or veggie stock as well!

Your "chicken fried rice couldn't be easier"chefwannabe


  1. That sounds yummy. I never though adding anything other then chicken stock into rice when it's cooking. I will try some Soy sauce next time:)

  2. I use boil-in-bag rice and never have problems with stickiness. I also boil in chicken broth. :) Being the huge broccoli fan that I am, I might try adding thawed frozen broccoli florets in this; when would you suggest I add the florets?

    1. Good Morning April! I think it is great you don't have problems with stickiness! Maybe it is just me!! I love the idea of adding broccoli, my husband hates it so I never do if he is eating it. I would add it in the last minute of cooking, you will only need to warm it through and you don't want it to get mushy on you! Thanks for reading!