Thursday, July 26, 2012

Niece Invasion of the Extreme Sundae Pie- Take 1! By: Jamie and Katie

 For a long time now we have been trying to plan to come and make some yummy dishes with our Aunt Chris!  My summer has been busy doing softball, babysitting, and hanging out at my grandmas lake, and Jamie's summer has been busy at volleyball camps, and preparing for 8th grade. We finally made some dates and came down to cook!  The first thing we had to do was go to the grocery store and obviously buy the ingredients. Then, we finally got to the house and prepared what we needed to make!  We made a dessert what we call "The Extreme Sundae Pie." We wanted to make an ice-cream dessert to cool down these 110 degree days!

If you want to cool down these extremly hot summer days too, please keep reading and follow these directions!

You will need...                 
9 in. springform pan                  
1 -1.5 qts. of Cookies and Cream ice-cream
3 pkgs. of fun size Kit Kats
2 tsp. vanilla
2 -12.8 hot fudge jars (melted a little bit just enough to spread)               
2 cups graham crackers
2 Tbsp. melted butter
1 pkg chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreo)
***remember to let the ice-cream soften slightly before you begin to assemble this dessert***

We put 2 cups of graham crackers into the food processor and zapped it.  Add in melted butter and zap some more.  Press it into the bottom of the spring form pan. 
Put the cookies and cream ice cream in a mixer or use a bowl and spoon. 

Add 1 tsp vanilla and mix completely.  Unwrap all of the kit kat bars and leave them connected. 

Line the spring form pan after you have pressed in the crust .  You might have to hold them up with an extra set of hands until you get the ice cream layer poured in.  Pour the ice cream in the pan on top of the graham cracker crust and smooth it out. 

Put it in the freezer and let it set up for about 30 minutes.  Jamie can't really remember so just keep checking it.  It doesn't need to be solid, it just needs to be set a bit. 

Now, melt the  hot fudge just until it is soft enough to spread.  Spread on both jars and put back in the freezer for another 30 minutes.  Wait, Jamie can't remember again, so just until it is set. 

Now mix together your softened vanilla ice cream and 1 tsp vanilla.  Stir until combined.  Pour into pan OVER the hot fudge.  BE CAREFUL.  It will be a wee bit to much.  So, get yourself a little bowl and pour the excess into it.  Now let it sit in the freezer again. 

While it is in the freezer, crush 1/2 of a package of Oreos in a ziploc bag.  Now using any bashing instrument of your choice, beat those babies until they are Oreo DUST!  Next, sprinkle the crumbs on to the top of the pie.  Let it sit until ready to serve.  (probably at least 3 hours)

We hope you love our Extreme Sundae Pie.  It is fun to make and we had fun driving Aunt Chris insane.  We didn't even have to clean up cause our Aunt Chrissy did it all for us. 

Your "cra-cra nieces of chefwannabe"
Jamie and Katie

PS.  Thanks Jatie and Kamie (hehe), I had so much fun with you!  Food, makeup, writing, and laughing our buns off!  Hope you make this at home so you can actually EAT SOME! Sorry!  Love you guys!xoxo


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  1. Yummy!! Love your nieces and Love your ice cram pie!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Nettie