Thursday, June 7, 2012

I got tagged!

Bernadette over at Rants From My Crazy Kitchen tagged me to do a blog answering some questions about myself.  You all are just dying to know more about me right? (insert professional style eye roll here).  Well tough.  I am going to tell you ANYWAY!!  Thanks Bernadette this will be fun......I think!


Why did you start your blog? Did you have a specific purpose to it or was it a whim decision that ended up where it is?  It was a specific purpose, to share recipes and photos, and to have a record of my recipes for my son and family!

You’re not living the life you have now, a different one, with none of what you have now. What type of life is it? This is hard I have 2 scenario's.  1.  I would be a doctor, in a huge, busy ER, living in a huge warehouse converted to condo's.  2.  The music business.  A manager, a promoter....something swanky, full of people constantly and exciting.  

I can quote the movie ________ word for word.  Steel Magnolia's, Beaches and Bed of Roses. Ok and Superstar!

One thing you never thought you’d do in life, but have:  Love so completely.

3 facts about you that people don’t know:   I am a dog FREAK, I was hit by a train and lived, I sing

 Tom Selleck , mustache or no mustache? Why?  He is heinous either way.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories?  Watching my mom's hands when she played the piano, and my dad picking me up when he got home from work and resting my head on his chest so I could feel the vibration of his voice.

  What is one of your most embarrassing childhood memories?   I never had clothes on, I hated them and I would take them off as soon as my mom put them on.  I have VERY few photos of myself before the age of 5 where I am clothed with at least 1 piece of clothing

  I ______ and blamed it on _______.  called my dad a "dirty bastard" on my sister Patty.  I told him she made me say it.  Mwaahaahahahaha.......

 I would do anything (legal/illegal) to meet ______.  Andrea Boccelli

You’re stranded in the middle of Australia , what are the 3 items you bring with you? Cellphone, makeup, Propel water

O  M   G  I just realized something, I didn't ahve to answer THOSE questions, only the ones Bernadette came up with for me.  Oh lord............well you got more than you bargained for eh?

 1. What is one food you have never cooked/made because you are afraid to?  Squid
  2. What place would you most love to visit? Austria because of the rich musical culture.
  3. What is the best thing you have ever eaten? does something to me nothing else does!
  4. What is the best place you have visited?  Bahamas
  5. What did you hate as a child that you love now?  Seafood
  6. How many times have you moved in your life?  10
  7. What is your dream home?  a quaint house with a huge kitchen, no need for bathrooms or anything, just a HUGE kitchen. LOL
  8. Do you like the area you live in now? No comment?
  9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Minnesota or California
  10. What is your favorite TV show EVER?  All things REAL HOUSEWIVES!
  11. What is your favorite song EVER?  Here Comes The Sun - Beatles

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  1. Hi! I just joined TGIF Blog Hop and followed you via GFC. Hope to read more of your posts in the future! :)