Friday, March 9, 2012

Recipe Swap- Buffalo Chicken Dip

*knock knock*  

Anyone home?  

It seems a little empty around here as of late, eh?  I apologize for my absence.  As most of you know, I got sick, starting the night of my birthday.  It has been 3 days short of 2 solid weeks, coughing, hacking, sleeping, hacking, finally urgent care, then hacking and sleeping some more.  I was sure I had pneumonia or bronchitis but it seems as though it is the mother of all colds.  Really?  I felt like a complete moron going to Urgent Care for a "cold".   At least if I had gone to the ER, I would have been entertained by the wackjobs in there.  Ya know?  Anyway, I am sure I am not dying now, so I claim that as a victory!

So, a new friend, Krista, aka "The Not So Desperate Chef Wife" approached me about doing a recipe swap a few weeks ago.  We would each pick one of each others recipes and make them, and blog them.  What a GREAT idea!!  Oh but wait Krista, you go ahead and make your choice, I am going to sleep, hack and cough for 2 weeks before I finally can muster the energy just to stand up in the kitchen longer than 10 minutes, K?  I am so sorry!!   If you haven't checked Krista out, please do so!   Find her at "The Not So Desperate Chef Wife".  She is so funny, has great recipes, and for you gardener and crafty types, you will find plenty there as well!  

So, here is how I decided what recipe to choose.  I was going through my blog history and noticing what items I felt like I had alot of or not enough of.  I decided I needed some party foods, some appetizers and dips.  Nothing has rattled my bell lately in the way of ideas for new recipes so I thought I would choose one of Krista's and share it with my readers!!  This is such an EASY dip, and you wanna talk about FLAVOR??  Just incredible!  If I were making it for a party, I would likely put it in a small dip crockpotty, thingy mabobber.  Can you believe I even mentioned the "C" word here?!  You all know how I feel about "those" things!  I served this dip with a few different kinds of crackers, but she suggests, and I second the suggestion, of serving it with carrots or celery as well.  My husband was dying for some hot breadsticks to dip in!

Without further delay, here is what you are going to need for this awesome dip!

1 12.5oz can of chunk chicken breast
1 8oz pkg light cream cheese
1/2 cup fat free ranch dressing  (I used regular, and yes mine is upside down so I could use up that bottle!)
1/2 cup wing sauce of your choice (any heat level)
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Open your can of chicken and drain!  I broke the chunks up with a fork a bit as well to make them smaller.
In a small saucepan combine, all ingredients.  On low-medium heat, continue mixing until all ingredients are melted, and smooth.  Turn into a small crockpot to keep warm for a party or put into a bowl and serve with your choice of crackers, veggies, or chips!!  Mine turned out with quite a little kick, so I would serve celery along with it as well!!  You can can top it with bacon, diced tomatoes, green onions, etc.  The options are endless!!

Now, get yourself over to Krista's place, and make sure to click that "FOLLOW" button.  Find her on Facebook and click her LIKE button and she likely has a twitter, OK I just looked and don't see one.  Just ask her.  Try this recipe and the plethra of other awesome recipes she has on her site!!  

Thanks for doing this with me Krista, it was SO fun, but the damn dip is gone already.  Are you KIDDING me?!?!  

Your "good thing she tried it before she blogged it" chefwannabe


  1. HAHA I am normally one of the "wackjobs" in the ER. The weirdest stuff happens to me :-) I'm making this dip tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  2. HAHA!!! Awesome, can't wait to hear how you like it!!

  3. You crack me up! "The damn dip is gone" this is a conservative version of what I said when the dip was gone lol. Glad you and your hubby liked it! And because I'm curious and a spice whore, how hot/spicy did you make it?

  4. It was SPICAH!!!My mouth is raw from my 2 week cough drop diet, so it was even hotter!! LOVED it! I am a spice whore too!!