Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CELBRATE 2,000 Fans Giveaway!

We did it!!  

2,000 Chefwannabe Facebook Fans!

Time to uncork the wine, champagne, sparking cider or whatever you want to celebrate with!

I am bringing the glasses, the charms and a fancy stopper!!

In this giveaway, you will get 2 cobalt blue swirled wine glasses, a set of 5 wine glass charms and a great stopper!  Everything but the beverage to CELEBRATE!

Thank you all so much.  I consider you all my friends, and chefwannabe family.  You make this blog so fun and you make my life a better place, and for that, I am grateful and blessed.

Here is how to enter this giveaway, like before you have 5 ways to enter!  

1. Follow me on Facebook
2.  Follow me here through google blogspot
3. Follow me on twitter @FTofChefWannabe
4. Comment under this blog what your favorite celebratory beverage is!
5.  Comment under this link on Facebook what you like to drink when you celebrate!
That is 5 ways to win!!

This giveaway will close at 6pm on Sunday April 1st.  I will post the winner shortly thereafter and you will have 48 hours to email me your mailing information @ ftchefwannabe@hotmail.com.

Good Luck and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping chefwannabe continue to grow, sharing great food, a few laughs, some good music along with wonderful friendship!!  

Your "feeling blessed as my chefwannabe family grows" chefwannabe


  1. I love an nice glass of a sweet red or a moscato, or a riesling. I'm a whino but love me some margaritas, or a good beer as well!! Congrats my sweet on 2,000!!!

  2. I like sweet wines. Galena IL Late Hervest Riesling is wonderful!!

  3. I love to have a nice cranberry vodka when i am celebrating

  4. If I am out celebrating then shots followed by something fruity. If I am at home with my besties it is either a few glasses of White zin, riesling or moscato :-) Congrats on 2,000. You go girl!!!!

  5. I haven't drank wine for a very long time, but I prefer the sweeter ones like riesling. We occasionally drink mead from a local meadery as well.

  6. Hey Girl! My favorite celebratory drink is a Jack & Diet Coke w/ a lime. I can drink that out of a wine glass right? Yes please :)

  7. Love strawberry dacs and orange pop with southern comfort.

  8. love my strawberry dacs and orange pop with southern comfort.

  9. I love mimosas for a Sunday brunch!

  10. My favourite celebratory beverage is something called a Red Shoe martini - so amazing! Love your blog :-) I also have a giveaway happening this week with a nice prize package. Stop by and check it out!!

  11. Used to be a mojito. Now a cucumber lime gin gimlet.

  12. Mojito...or a cucumber lime gimlet...