Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taste Traditions of Omaha - Product Review

Hello to all my wonderful readers!  The weather in Nebraska is gorgeous, almost 75 degrees on an early March day!!  Seems hard to talk about comfort food but we know how quickly the weather changes around here!!

I wanted to introduce you all to an Omaha company called "Taste Traditions".  This company has been supplying restaurants, delis, schools, the armed forces, etc for 35 years.  They supply gourmet soups and some specialty frozen foods.   The food is a "boil in the bag" type of product, kept in your freezer until you are ready to prepare. There are instruction on how long to cook in a pot of boiling water if it is thawed or frozen and you have the option of emptying the food straight into a pot and cooking it the old fashioned way!

These products aren't cheap.  They also aren't the most expensive you will run into.  I feel completely confident in telling you they are worth the money in convenience if you have money to spare for that.  A busy family, working parents, or busy professionals, these are great for a family or adults on the go.

When asked about doing a review of this food, I was excited.  I had heard of their mac and cheese especially!!  I chose 4 items to review.  Chicken Noodle Soup, Lobster Bisque, Mac and Cheese and Beef Taco Meat.   Let me take you through my thoughts on each one.

Chicken Noodle Soup- The flavor of this soup is amazing.  The veggies taste like you just chopped them from your own crisper drawer, the broth is so rich and delicious.  This soup is not lacking anywhere in flavor that is for sure!!  I was slightly disappointed it didn't have more noodles, chicken, etc in it.  It is the only thing in my opinion that could and definitely should be improved upon.  For the price of this soup, $16.98 for a 48oz. bag, I felt it needed more ingredients.

Lobster Bisque- Another great product.  Creamy, full of flavor and richness.  My husband is the huge lobster bisque fan in the house and his exact words were, "probably the best I have ever eaten".  He is an east coast boy so I think that says alot.  I enjoyed it too.  Was obviously made with and flavored with lobster, nothing fake.  This I believe to be a great value at $17.98 for a 48oz. bag.   What a fancy starter for a nice dinner!

Beef Taco Meat-  LOVED.  A HUGE amount of meat.  I think we got 3 or 4 meals out of this!  Perfect taco flavor,  We use it on nacho's, walking taco's,  taco salad's and Frito pie's!  Not alot to say, great flavor, not to spicy for those who don't like to much.  This is a busy mom's dream right here.  Again, 17.98 for a 48oz. bag.

My best is saved for last!!

Macaroni and Cheese-  Now close your eyes.  When you dream of a steaming bowl of macaroni and cheese, all creamy and stringy and gooey, THIS is the mac and cheese of your dreams.  Wait.  Don't you guys dream of mac and cheese?  Oh.  Well.  You will after you eat a bowl of this!  Smooth and creamy, more cheese than the law should allow!!  Would be perfect also to prepare and put in a casserole with your own breadcrumbs on top and baked.   Do your friends and family a favor, serve them this mac and cheese next time they come over for dinner!!  It is 15.98 for a 48oz bag.  BUT- THIS MONTH ONLY- it is 50% off!!  Only $7.99 a box (plus shipping)!!!

Your items will be shipped to you in a Styrofoam cooler containing dry ice.  It will be frozen when you receive it.  Put into your freezer, let your dry ice stay in the cooler uncovered in a safe place until it evaporates and then dispose of appropriately.

I love this company.  I love the whole concept and I think the quality of the product is worth every penny.  Like I said, if your budget allows for convenience, these items should be in your freezer at all times!!  I look forward to trying some other soups and entree's in the near future!!

Thank you Kelly for the opportunity.  I love reviewing great products and you gave me a great one for sure!!

Your "so I dream about food sometimes, SUE me"chefwannabe

All opinions are mine.  They represent my experience and personal opinions of this food from time I received it through preparation and taste. I was not monetarily compensated for my review.  All photos are property of Taste of Traditions.  


  1. Thank you Chris for taking the time to sample our products and write up a review! We truly appreciate the honest feedback and all your help in spreading the word about Taste Traditions!

  2. I absolutely love Taste Tradition of Omaha Soups! Best soups ever! Should sold every where!😊