Friday, February 24, 2012

To:George, Love, Chris - Food Memories, Scotch Eggs

I am so glad to see Friday!!  My husband took a 3 day weekend for my birthday so I am hoping we get to do something fun!  We always have taken each others birthday's off of work to spend with each other.  We celebrate a birthday pretty big at our house, every single year.  We have a blast!  

My husband grew up a bit of a military brat.  He lived many places and occasionally when the mood strikes I ask him about his favorite dishes from places he has lived and I try to recreate them.  I enjoy trying new things and I enjoy the happiness it brings him when I bring back a memory for him.  I think it has something to do with all that mushy love stuff, but not sure.  His opinion is, people love these or hate these.  I was positive I would be the latter,, I love them!  

Now, regarding the sausage...
Let me just settle the score for my British friends.  I used sausage that I thought would work for what was available.  Truth be told, I didn't look into it very far or look very hard for a closer match with the sausage traditionally used.  I do not know exactly what kind of sausage is used but, I know it looks like the inside of an American hot dog and I almost lost my lunch when I saw it.  

So though the sausage will not be the traditional or proper kind that should be used, it is what I thought was most readily available to most Americans.  HOWEVER, in hindsight and hindtaste (another non word), I would have used regular ground pork.  The sage in the sausage, I am told, is what took away from how it should have tasted.  You choose, but I used just an original pork sausage.  

The consistency was also all wrong with the pork sausage so I put it to my food processor, put in about 1 tbsp of flour and let it whirl for a good minute or better.  It ground it down further and gave it this creepy texture that my husband says was perfect.  So before you start, make sure to do that if you have a food processor.  

That being said, we better get started.  I can't wait to make these for a brunch!

1 lb ground sausage or pork (prepared in a food processor if you have one)
1/2 cup flour
1 cup bread crumbs (I always use fresh)
1 egg, beaten
4 eggs, hard boiled and peeled.
veg oil or oil of your choice for frying
Salt and Pepper for breadcrumbs to taste

You will need to sprinkle a little flour down on your counter or board to keep the sausage from sticking.  It is going to be a nightmare if you don't. Divide sausage into 4 equal parts.   Roll or press it out until it is about big enough to cover the egg.

You can wrap the egg in it and then kind of smoosh it around to make it work.

Dredge your egg in some flour before you wrap the sausage around it.  You can push and pull and squish until it is covered. 

Try to keep it in a little bit of an oblong shape.  When the egg is completely covered in sausage dip in the beaten egg, and then cover in breadcrumbs that you have salt and peppered to taste.  Make sure to set them on a plate when you are done.  Do this with each egg and refrigerate until oil is hot.

Bring your oil to about 300 degrees. You want the oil hot enough to sizzle and fry but not so hot that the outside will burn before the sausage is cooked.  I used about 2 inches of oil, and just continually moved the egg around gently.  It will take approx 5 minutes.

You want the egg to be moved about every minute to keep from sticking or burning.  Pull out and drain on a paper towel. 

You can eat this hot, room temp or cold!!  They are delicious and as you can see, my husband has his own way of eating them.  *he said, "my British friends would be appauled"*.  

With jelly.....he is becoming quite the ham, isn't he?  I think he ROCKS!

Your "scotch eggs were really invented in England in 1851"chefwannabe

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  1. I thought they were harder to make than! you makeit look so easy and good!