Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Valentine's Treat - Raspberry Palmiers

Have you been shopping today?  Do you have a special something picked out for that special someone?  I do, I do!  Remember, if money is an issue, just write a love letter, if money is NOT an issue, write a love letter! Write one to a friend, a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend.  Even though this holiday is traditionally one for lovers, who says it has to be?  I can't think of a better day than a special day specifically for showing your love to someone else.  I think it is marvelous!  Add a few candles to your dinner table, run someone a bubble bath, those things don't cost money and frankly, I would adore both!

The weather was so drab here today I had to something to cheer it up a little!  A chefwannabe reader, Ann, requested  raspberry CHOCOLATE palmiers, however, I sort of forgot about the chocolate part and I am kind of glad I did.  Sorry Ann!  These are SO good and so sweetly colored for Valentine's day!  These are also known as elephant ears.  They are made from puff pastry, and no, I did not, and for the record never will make my own puff pastry.  Puff pastry, for those unfamiliar,  is dough that is layered with melted butter, layer after layer, which makes the dough so flaky and "puff" when it is baked (because of the steam).

Now, please use parchment paper.  Even if you have a silpat just use parchment!  This is so easy, 3 ingredients in this recipe.  Thank you Pepperidge Farms for making this so easy!  (shouts out in my best "SKYYNNAARRDDDD" voice)

Here is all you need!!

1 box of puff pastry, you will only need 1 of the sheets (take it out 30 min before using or put in the fridge over night to thaw)
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup raspberry jam  or any jam! (more if you want but it will just squeeze out and go to waste)

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.   Place parchment paper on your counter, sprinkle it with sugar and unfold puff pastry and lay it on top.  If it tears at the seam, no biggie, it is a very easy fix.  Using a rolling pin, roll over it a few times to smooth it and to push the sugar underneath it into the dough.   Slide the parchment with dough on it unto a cookie sheet.

Sprinkle more sugar on top and then spread jam over entire sheet of puff pastry.

Needed one more roll so they were on top of each other!  Get it?

Fold each side in until they meet in the middle and then fold on top of the other.  Refrigerate 15-30 minutes, remove and slice into approx 1/2 inch slices, lay flat on the parchment and bake 15 minutes.  Let cool and then enjoy!

before baking, I know, I am messy!
If you like caramelized sugar, and raspberry filling you will be in heaven.  They are a little crunchy from the caramelization and flaky from the puff pastry.  They even look like fancy hearts!  They are sometimes called "French Hearts".  I hope you enjoy this sweet little dessert!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Your "french pastry chef" wannabe

P.S.  The spellchecker kept wanting to change "caramelization" to "cannibalism" wth?  Freaky dudes.


  1. YYUMMY & Beautiful! I have a package of puff pastry sheets in my freezer, going to have to make these for sure!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I'm making these for my Bible study on Thursday. I'm the only girl in the group and like baking for them every once in a while. I want them to feel special [has nothing to do with the very handsome man the leads the group ;-)]

  3. Ohhhhh.....let me know how it goes and if it wins his...err..I mean THEIR hearts!! Hope you love them!!

  4. Tiffany, stay tuned, I have a recipe for the OTHER sheet that comes in the box for you tomorrow!! You will love these!

  5. awsome, delicious, im hungry now :)