Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr. Pete's Cajun Spices, DO NOT go another day without it!

Where to begin.......first of all, I am in no way, shape or form being paid for this review.  I am not gaining anything but satisfaction in knowing that I stand behind an excellent product that not only delivers, but delivers at an incredibly budget friendly price.  I want to share it because I feel I would be doing my readers a disservice if I didn't.  

When I first started a Facebook page for my blog, one of my first "fans" was Mr. Pete's Cajun Spices.  It seems we just kind of struck up a friendship via our FB pages and clicked right away.  They have been great supporters of my blog.  Though their products are not available to me locally, I was interested in their spices for myself and obtained their famous "Fish Fry".   Now it is no secret I am a seafood fan but not a huge FISH fan.  Well, when I read this could be used for chicken, or pork chops as well, I was all in!

Tonight I decided to try the fish fry on some boneless pork chops.  I had a large pork loin that I had cut into 3 pieces.  (I buy those big boys when they go on sale).  I cut 1.5
inch thick pieces and pounded them out to half their original thickness.  

I love hot and spicy so I knew with "cajun" in the name, we were looking at some spice.  I admit, I stuck my finger in the bag and tasted it to see if I was going to be breathing fire when I was done, but didn't actually taste much "hot" at all.   It really wouldn't have mattered, I was going for it either way!  Flames couldn't be so bad a cold beer couldn't put them out right?

Here is what I did....

Soak your meat in a bowl of water.  Not like a 2 or 3 hour soaking, I just put the meat in literally 1 or 2 minutes before I was going to dip them in the mix.  As you can see.....

Dipped them in the bowl of Mr. Pete's, coating them well, really pressing the mixture into the meat.  

I don't have a deep fryer so I just used a skillet with a little more than necessary oil in it. (I used canola) I had pounded the pork chops thin so I knew that they would be totally covered in oil.  I let the oil get to 350 degrees or very close to it.  I did one chop at a time, approx 3-4 min was all it took.  Put them on a cooling rack in the oven (just on warm) until I had them all done.  

Let's face it, we eat with our eyes first.  The color on these bad boys was incredible!!  So visually pleasing!  I was still basking in how pretty they were when my husband came in, saying, "WOW, those look AWESOME".  

Yea, we were pretty impressed with the taste too.  And spice, oh yea, there is a little kick but it comes and goes,doesn't stay so long you can't enjoy the rest.  I mean it is perfection in a bag.  It isn't horrible spicy even on a short note, it is just the right amount of spice, like a pleasant WOW and then it's gone. The flavor is delicious.  You can see how the pork chops turned out, don't they look great?  This isn't a breading and it isn't a full on batter, I don't know.... it is again a perfect combination.  

Now, I used the 16 ounce pkg.  I did 7 pork chops that were quite sizable and I have half of it left.  I can taste it on fried chicken as I type.  My husband is dreaming of it on some fresh oysters and some nice flounder much like this....Mr Pete!   This 16 ounce bag comes at a cost of, $1.95. (plus shipping if you order online)  No, I am not kidding.  You can order it here Mr. Pete's Cajun Spices Online Store.  Now I happen to know for a fact, because I have done it NUMEROUS times, that you can go to your favorite grocery store and ask them to carry it!  I am doing this myself.  You should too!

There you have it, my first product review.  Oh boy did they set the bar pretty dang high for everyone else!!

Your "lovin' her spicy friends"chefwannabe

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