Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Cheese Stuffed Bread Sticks

 (This recipe makes 8 bread sticks)

Good Evening friends!

I just returned from a long weekend taking care of my dad with 2 of my sisters.  Boy was that an experience.  I have come away with 2 important messages...\



oops there are 3,


We did however do lots of laughing,  reminiscing, and walking down memory lane.  He went straight to  him and my mom's first date and the "best set of legs he had ever seen".  He is right...I mean it is what it is.  It was a good weekend and all is well.  He has been out of the rehab facility for 5 months just living his best life.  He refers to his meds as his "chicken feed". he wants to be called "Sweetface" and expects 3 meals a day.  Seriously dad?  HA!  Gonna take a hard pass on a career in nursing!

A few nights before I left I wanted to make a nice dinner.  I made steaks and wanted to use up some things in the fridge for sides.  Always shop your fridge and freezer, use things up, don't through your money/food away.  I had a roll of refrigerated pizza dough that needed used.  It must have snuck to the back of my fridge and honestly I had no idea if it was even still good.  I know that has HAD to have happened to  you too!  Right?  Please?  Somebody?  I had 8 rogue string cheeses that were spying on the new cheese and honestly, who can't make something amazing out of pizza dough and mozzarella cheese sticks?

These are easy and I contemplated not even sharing the recipe with the video, but I am.  There are always beginners out there and easy recipes are a good thing!

You will need:

1 roll of refrigerator pizza dough

8 mozzarella string cheese sticks

4T melted butter

1 tsp garlic powder

Italian Seasoning

Preheat oven to the temperature recommended on the package of crust.  Roll out slightly and cut into 8 pieces.  Cover the ends of the cheese and then "smoosh" the dough around to seal and cover the entire stick!  Lay on a parchment lined baking sheet or spray with cooking spray.  Do this until each bread stick is made.  Melt butter and add in garlic powder.  Add more or less if you prefer.  Brush over  breadsticks and then sprinkle each with Italian seasoning.  Bake in the oven until golden brown which will be the time that the pizza dough package recommends.  Serve right away with marinara, ranch or no dipping sauce at all!  OHHHHH dunk these in tomato soup even!  Serve with any soup!

These can be many things but the most important thing they are is DEELISH!


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