Monday, October 18, 2021

Ugly Guacamole

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So now that you have dared click on this recipe, let's talk.  I love guac.  I mean, I just have to get that off my chest, guacamole is divine.  I am honestly not sure I have ever tasted any I didn't like EXCEPT when it was literally all cilantro with a small side of guac.  That is the next subject. I taste soap, it seems there are 2 camps where guac is concerned.  Soap tasters, and non soap tasters.  However, I do like a little cilantro.  I don't love it in guacamole.  There is just this whole thing.  But the most pressing issue is the look of this guacamole.  I mean, can we agree it looks like monster puke?  I mean, maybe that is what I should call it.  I know you know that I keep it real and it isn't like I can hide its lack of beauty!  As a food blogger, it is sometimes so hard to share your favorite recipes, especially when they look less than magazine worthy.  Guess what, today I don't care.  Halloween season is the perfect time to share a really ugly recipe.  I don't know, I just wanted to share it.....

So here is what you will need, super simple, like SUPER simple.  

2 medium avocados

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 lime for juice (use the other half to garnish if you like or use both halves)

2 Tbsp salsa

pinch of salt and pepper

Cut your avocados in half, remove seeds and inside into a bowl.  Using a fork, combine all ingredients, mushy, mushy, mushy!  I enjoy it a bit chunky, if you like it complelely smooth, consider using a food processor.  If you aren't serving right away, place one of the avocado seeds in the finished product, cover in an air tight container and enjoy it fresh when you are ready!


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