Thursday, June 16, 2016

Caprese Garden Salad

I am sitting here listening to old songs my husband and I used to jam to in the truck while driving down the Atlantic City Expressway, heading to the beach.  Life living near the shore.  Loved it.  I miss the beach, not much compares to the peaceful crashing of waves on the back bay, or sitting on the beach at night, watching boats roll in and out.  Good memories...

Anyway, back to food, and this salad.  My husband wanted a salad, emailed me what he wanted in it, and as any good, obedient (oh that word is gonna get to some of you) and loving wife would do, I did it.  Holy salad shooter Batman we have a winner!  This will serve 6 as a starter or side salad, and 4 for a meal.  Toss on some grilled chicken and BAM, lunch!  BAM, deliciousness.  BAM, everyone will ask you to make it again and again!

Seriously though, caprese salad is like my number 4 favorite food of life, and making into a garden salad with some other additions, is just the bomb.  Make this, make this now.  I admittedly love salad, and admittedly, I could eat salad everyday.  THIS salad, I don't want, I NEED.

Thank you to my darling hubby for that beautiful email that changed our salad lives forever!  Academy award contender?  I love you babe, thanks for all you do to support me in my general misadventures of life.  I bet all those years ago when we had the windows down in your truck, listening to Phil Vassar, wind blowing, sand in our never knew I would be such a pain, eh?

2 heads of romaine lettuce
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes
4-5 large basil leaves, fresh (if using dried, 1 tbsp) torn or chopped small
1 8oz ball of fresh mozzarella diced or use smaller mozzarella "pearls"
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp salt
fresh black pepper
1 T dried Italian seasoning
3-4 T olive oil
3-4 T red wine vinegar

Chop or tear romaine and place into a large bowl.  Add in tomatoes, basil, mozz, parm, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.  Give it a good toss and then drizzle in your olive oil and red wine vinegar.  Though I give a measurement it is really just on a "to taste" basis.  Give another toss and serve.  Oh man, this is a fabulous salad.  Props to the hubby.  My man genius!


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