Thursday, May 19, 2016

Twin Pickles Snack Packs

Oh you GUYYSSSS!!!  I have missed you all!  I want to take a minute to extend my thanks and gratitude for the prayers, light, love, and well wishes  you have all sent through social media.  My family has endured a lot of loss in the last 2 months, my mom and then my brother.  I am getting back to what they both would want me to do, and that is cooking!  Cooking and sharing, they were two of my biggest fans.  I love you Mom and Jimmy......

Let me introduce you to the cutest little people on earth.  This is Emmi and Logan.  They are my 2.5 year old twin grand babies.

When I returned from my brothers funeral, I decided I needed a day with my littles.  For those who just arrived to the party, I call my grandchildren my littles.   I also call them my "pickles".  Sometimes sour and sometimes sweet! HA!   I had not seen them in a week and it was time to hear some laughter and do some hard core playing!  We decided to make our own snack packs.  Are they any healthier than trail mix, etc you can buy in the store?  No.  In fact, I planned to pop my own popcorn, but just cheated with some store bought cheddar popcorn.  Are they better than gummy snacks? my recent chance meeting with an oral surgeon who decided to keep 4 of my teeth, I was watching some information on the damage they do to kids teeth.  Ick.  Really this was just a fun way to start letting them help in the kitchen, be excited about what they are eating and yes, I think it is far cheaper than anything you buy in the store.

Also, the teacher in me was super excited as well.  They would name each item they took out, we would talk about what color it was and they ate every single thing.  I threw in a few M&M's for fun, and a few chocolate covered raisins as well.  If your children or grandchildren like something more than another, add more of that.  Add tons of everything, or omit what you don't like.  This is not really a recipe, just the portions I used.  The world is your sandwich my friends, make it like you like it!  Also, my grandchildren have no nut/peanut issues, so that is completely of course, based on your kids.

Now, could we have put these in cute bags with a cute tie or something?  Yes....but these are just for home, and freshness.  We used Ziploc bags.  Fill them as much or as little as the little people (or big) will eat or enjoy!

Here is how we did ours!

5 cups Cheddar popcorn (or pop your own!)
4 cups pretzels
3 cups goldfish or cheddar crackers
2 cups dried, diced pineapple
1 1/2 cups mixed nuts
1 cup M&M's
1 cup chocolate covered raisins

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and portion out into resealable baggies!

Spend some special time with the children in your lives.  When you are feeling some of your darkest times, they will lighten your heart like a beacon of hope and love.  They laugh, they love, and they bring about a feeling of renewal.  When kids help in the kitchen, I find they are more willing to eat what they help make.  Perhaps not in every case, but in many.  So spend some time with them, no phones, no tablets, no video games or movies, just give them your undivided attention for a little while!!!  It sure brightened my day.......  I hope you enjoy my "twin pickles"!

Snack well my friends!

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