Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cheesy Broccoli and Chicken Bake

A good evening to you all.  I always say that, don't I?  How should I start?  I mean the options are HOLLAAAAA, or like........YO.  No, those won't work.  Anyway, it IS a good evening, when I am writing this anyway and I hope it is for you too!

Summer has sprung.  I know we are all doing a lot more cooking outdoors but, sometimes, indoor cooking is our choice too!  We still have families to feed or maybe only ourselves.  In fact this recipe will do fantastic in the freezer if you have to many leftovers.  Those of you who are single will love to know that.  You can take out the broccoli, it will still be delish, but, honestly, if you take out the broccoli put in peas or something green.  Cause I am the mom that's why!

Enjoy this easy, and yummy casserole that is sure to fill up the tummies of all you love!

2 T butter
1/4 cup finely minced onion
1/4 cup flour
2 3/4 cups milk
1 T. onion powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
16 oz. pasta, cooked to al dente
2-3 large chicken breasts, cooked and diced
16 oz. bag of frozen broccoli
3 cups shredded cheddar cheese (divided)

If you cook your pasta in salted water, make sure to keep the water when you are done and cook your chicken in it.  Drain your pasta and set aside.  Return pot to stove top and add butter and onions.  Let onions cook for 2-3 minutes, while stirring. 

Add in flour and allow to cook while stirring for about 1 minute to cook out the raw flour taste.  Add in onion powder, salt, pepper and milk.  Let come back to a boil, stirring often.  Add in chicken and broccoli.  Remove from heat and add in 1 1/2 cups of your cheese.  Stir and pour into a greased 9x13 casserole dish.  Sprinkle remaining cheese on top and back for 20-30 minutes.  

This is a really easy recipe that is usually a winner for anyone I make it for!



  1. This sounds super yummy! But... you said, "If you cook your pasta in salted water, make sure to keep the water when you are done and cook your pasta in it" Did you mean, "If you cook your CHICKEN in salted water..."? And have you used fresh broccoli or only frozen? Thanks, hunny!

    1. Hi Lin! YES...ugh, no matter how much I proofread, sometimes, I still miss important stuff! Yes, CHICKEN, I am going to change it now!!! Thanks for stopping by!! And it IS super yummy!

    2. Done that! More times than I care to remember... So no worries Hahaha!!! ;) Oh, and have you used fresh broccoli or only frozen? Thanks, Chris. :D

  2. I have only used frozen but if you cut fresh into small florets I think you will be fine. I like my broccoli to have a little crunch to it anyway!