Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Panzarotti Sticks

Hey friends!  Glad to have you stop by for a visit!  This recipe must have tickled your curiosity, eh??  I am glad it did, it is AMAZING and another recipe of my husbands!  I don't know that it is really a recipe per say, more of an idea, turned reality, turned awesomeness!

We have always been fond of the panzarotti.  We always fry them.  I say "always" like we eat them all the time.  Let me rephrase, "The 3 times in 10 years we have made them, we fry them".  If you are wondering if these can be baked, the answer is, I believe they can.  We intended on baking some, seriously and we got so ridiculously excited that NO cheese leaked out, we forgot and fried them all. Mwawaaahahahha!  True story by the way.

You can make a few or a lot of these.  Not really much more work.  I will give you the ingredients for one batch.

This is the perfect recipe to use my Homemade Pizza Seasoning in!  You could use pizza dough, but this is intended to be a convenient recipe, that is quick and easy to make!

1 roll of refrigerated crescent rolls
Pizza seasoning
8 string cheese sticks
beaten egg or water for sealing
oil for frying

Unwrap all of your cheese sticks.  Separate your crescent rolls and roll them out to maneuver getting your string cheese to fit.  You can roll these however you need to so don't worry so much about the form or looks.  Place your cheese inside, sprinkle on some pizza seasoning, and brush water or egg wash all around the edges.  Roll that baby up however you must to get the cheese all enclosed.  I brushed over all seams again with egg wash.  You can roll it on a smooth surface to smooth it out and make it look nicer.  Then brush over the seems again.  You just don't want cheese leaking out!

Preheat your vegetable or peanut (or any frying oil you choose) to 340 degrees F.  Put 2 in at a time, if your oil is to hot, they will get VERY dark on the outside very quickly and yucko!  So make sure to adjust your oil temp according to how they are frying up for you.  As long as they are sizzling a bit, they are fine.  To cold of oil will make them soak up all that nasty stuff and be horrid!
If you want to bake these, I would simply place in the oven on the temp the crescent rolls call for and bake  until done.  They won't take as long because the dough is rolled thinner. 
Serve with your best pizza sauce!
Thanks to my darling  hubby for this tasty treat of a recipe!


  1. OMGosh. Ok I just made fried cheese using string cheese and a new flatbread dough I posted about a week ago. Because... um, CHEESE. It's in my "about me" section and I will turn anything, healthy or not, into a cheese fest and my Italian hubs doesn't help. I am pinning these, however because having that crescent roll option is just too good to pass up. If I post it I am linking to you for sure, my friend. Love. This.

    1. I LOVE cheese too!!! And my husband doesn't help either! LOL Thanks for stopping by, good to see you!!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you like them! Now get some made! Eat them when you are alone, that way you don't have to share! Thanks for stopping by my friend!