Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Geo's Famous Spice Rub (All Purpose)

Brrrrrr!!  Yes, I am serious, it has been CHILLY here in the big O!  Mother nature has straightened herself out but I will take a 53 degree morning ANY July day!! 

As most of you know, my husband is not only supportive of my blogging habits,  he loves to take part whenever I ask him too.  Is it genuine?  I am not sure.  I think he loves to take part because in his mind, he thinks one of HIS recipes is going to change the world.  He reminds me often that my most popular recipe is actually HIS recipe.   Do you know what it is???  You can find it here.   HA!!  Really he does love to cook as much as I do,  and he is a real "rubber".  I mean, let me clarify.  While he does give the BEST nightly foot rubs (for 13 years now, EVERY night), I mean this in an entirely different way.  He has made this spice rub for as long as I can remember.  He started out basic and used Alton Brown's spice rub method/ratio but over the years he perfected it to his taste and to the taste of many who constantly mumble while eating, "OMG, what is ON this".    We have switched up, switched down, omitted totally and doubled ingredients until he got this perfect combination of sweet and spicy, but not TO spicy.   I think he finally perfected it about 10 years ago.  Perfected it in OUR opinion anyway!  He uses this for pork, beef, chicken and has even used it on fish and to flavor hamburger for any number of things.   This sandwich you see pictured above is probably my favorite way, which is why I chose it to be the vessel for the rub!  You can't beat it with a stick, fresh tomato, some butter lettuce, a grilled bun, I mean get outta here.  He even used the rub to flavor his mayo for slathering on the sandwich. 

You can rub your meat and let it sit for hours, or days.  Yes, I said days.  We rubbed this chicken and let it sit about 5 hours, but the longer it sets, it changes the texture of the chicken to a tender beautiful thing.  We have let things marinate in this for days.  Ribs, steaks, etc, we prep a few days ahead and there ya go.  It is up to you how much flavor you want your food to have but I promise even just an hour will change your life!  We use cheapo dried herbs and spices, so hit up someplace cheap! 

While I would like to let him take the keyboard and blow himself up into the king of the rub, I am writing this while he is at work so he can't.  But the truth is, he IS the king of the rub my friends!  Here is how he makes it!

4 cups brown sugar
1/4-1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup chili powder
1/4 cup of the following:
garlic powder
onion powder
seasoned meat tenderizer
Italian seasoning
1/4 cup crushed red pepper flakes (this is optional and the measurement is up to you, more or less if you wish but we find this perfect)

Combine all ingredients in a Ziploc bag and smoosh to combine.  Break up any bits of brown sugar and make sure all ingredients are well mixed!!  Store in an air tight container or Ziploc bag in your cupboard for up to 4-5 months!!  (we usually make a double batch)

Now to get this sandwich!

3 chicken breasts (cut in half so 2 fillets out of one breast, or buy thin cutlets or pound these thin)
1 sliced tomato
1 head of butter lettuce
6 large rolls, butter or oiled and grilled on both sides.

In a large Ziploc bag pour 1 cup of of your dry rub.  Add in 3 (cut into 6) chicken breasts.  Close up your bag and smoosh until the chicken is completely covered. 

Put in the fridge to marinate however long you want it to go!  Before grilling, just butter or oil your buns and grill or toast on both sides.  Set aside.  Grill your chicken breasts for approx. 3 minutes per side.  I used my George Foreman and cooked them 4 minutes total.  They were perfect!

Stack on your bun with any veggies you like, (or cheese).  Enjoy a beautiful sandwich!!

Your "wants a foot rub while I eat my dry rubbed chicken" Chefwannabe


  1. I will make Geo's spice rub and I will make your grilled chicken sandwich.....but I will NOT rub your feet!!..Well maybe if you bring 'em to Fl. LOL...I crack me up