Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Citrus Spritzer

I have to admit something. 

I recently visited my mom, who, though she completely is lost by this "blogging" thing, is very supportive of it.  She has been "going through" everything in her house, because she knows I love all kinds of dishes to photograph on and just for general use. 

Well, I knew I wanted to make a citrus drink but I also wanted a clear pitcher.  For some reason, I do not own a clear glass pitcher.  So while doing dishes, I spot one in her cupboard.  Now, she has shrunk to about 3'7 and I know she doesn't even remember it is in the TOP of the cupboard let alone use it.  So I finish the dishes, put on my best "perfect 10" face and into the living room I go.  It went something like this:

Me: Hey Mom, you don't happen to have a clear glass pitcher you want to get rid of do you?
Mom: I don't think so, let me think.
Me: (waits patiently, baring my pearly whites)
Mom: If I do ,it would be in the corner cupboard on the top shelf of the lazy susan. (where they have been for at least 150 years)
Me: Ok, I am going to look.  What if I find one?
Mom: Well, bring it here if you do.
Me: (goes into kitchen pretends to bang things around).  I FOUND ONE!!
Mom: Let me see it!
Me: OMG it is perfect for what I need.  Do you USE it?
Mom: No but it belonged to Marie.
Me: And?
Mom: Well, I don't really want to get rid of it.
Me: Mom, be real here, when is the last time you used it.
Mom: Well probably never but that is beside the point.
Me: You said you are cleaning things out, just think of what a good home this will have.
Mom:  Let me think about it. 
Me: Ok well do you want me to put it back in the cupboard or put it in this box of stuff you found for me.
Mom: Chris, you aren't going to trick me into giving it to you.
Me: Mom, there is no statute of limitations on child abuse and you spanked me with a wooden spoon, at LEAST 5,000 times as a child. 
Mom: If you don't put that pitcher back in the cupboard you are going to see me turn this walker into a deadly weapon.
Me: Mom, you seem angry, are you ok?  Is this part of dementia that is likely setting in?
Mom: The only demented thing about ME is giving birth to YOU. 
Me: Give me the pitcher mom, just do it.
Mom: FINE.  Take the pitcher but if I want it back you better give it back.
Me: You won't, but ok.

See it is all about wearing them down kids!  Even at 39, I can wear her down.  Really we were laughing so hard during this conversation it was pretty hilarious, perhaps you had to be there. 

Anyway, to the point at hand.  What is better on a hot summer day than a refreshing, cold beverage?  Water is almost always my first choice, but this citrus drink, is SO refreshing, you won't want to be without it!

I think this would be great served for a party, a meal, or just an afternoon by the pool, in the backyard, anywhere! 

1 12oz container of frozen limeade concentrate
2 oranges (1 sliced)
2 limes-sliced
1 lemon-sliced
1 liter Sprite/7 up/Sierra Mist OR Prosecco
1/4 cup sugar (optional, use it if you think it needs it)

Mix limeade according to package directions in a large pitcher.  Cut one orange in half and squeeze into limeade, discard when you have squeezed all the juice from them.  Stir.  Add in citrus 20 minutes before serving.  If you add it before that, the peel will bitter your beverage.  Pour a glass 1/2-3/4 full of limeade and then spritz it with your carbonated beverage of choice.  Make it alcoholic or don't, the choice is yours!

NOTE! Make sure to get extra fruit to garnish glasses or to add a slice into each glass when serving!

I hope you try this and I hope you love it so much, you have to keep making it!  It is the perfect summer refresher, that can be made in one pitcher, and spritzed for either a drinker or a non drinker!

Your "aaahhhhhhh this is perfect" Chefwannabe

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