Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolate Amaretti Trifle

Tonight's post is brought to you new camera!

You guys have no idea how excited I am.  OK a few of you MIGHT.  My husband gave me an early anniversary gift, a new camera!  I was using a cheapo digital, which was OK and sometimes you just have to work with what you have for as long as you need too.  I did.  But now, I am obsessed with my food photos.  I think you will notice a difference.  I hope you do!

I have had this recipe on the shelf for a bit.  I wanted to wait for the new camera so this could be my first blog with it.  These freeze perfectly, and can be made in advance and then allowed to thaw while you are eating dinner!  I made them in the jars for easy storing.  I am always freaky about fridge smells and worrying if their are any, they might get into other food.  Besides, lids just make for less chances of spills or anything else.  That being said, I would guess you could easily keep these frozen for a month.  Take them out and let come to room temp for a couple of hours or put in the fridge to thaw overnight.  Perfect for those with kids or adults into pre-portioned meals and desserts and they look so sweet in these jars.  Take one to work with a spoon tied with a ribbon around the neck or a note wishing someone you love a great day!

Now, you will need a pan of brownies.  However you like em', just do it. I will link a delicious brownie recipe from a fellow blogger, and trust me when I tell you, if she makes it, it HAS to be amazeballs.  At the same time, if you want to make a pan of brownies from a box, go forth and do it with pride! 

You can use any small cups, custard dishes, ramekins, sundae glasses, wine glasses, etc.  You can also make this as one big trifle.  This will make 6 individual trifles.

You will need:

1 pan of brownies (try Danielle's over at (Hugs & Cookies XOXO)
1- 7oz container of marshmallow fluff
1- 8oz container of cool whip
2 cups of crushed up Amaretti Cookies or you can purchase them! (Don't completely make them into dust!  You want some chunks for crunch and texture!)

In a bowl combine your cool whip and marshmallow fluff with a hand mixer.  Mix until smooth and creamy. 

Set this aside.  Make sure your jars are clean and completely dry.  You will only need half of your pan of brownies for individual trifles.  You can use them all if you are making one large trifle.  I find it easiest to do them all at once.  Cookies in all the bottoms, cream, etc....  This way you can adjust as needed as opposed to getting to the last one and not having enough. 

Brownies (make this the thickest layer)

The truth is you can layer them however you like.  This is just how I did it and how I felt it looked best!  Since you will have extra brownies, you might want to start with a small layer of brownies first and then the cookies, making your middle brownie layer a bit smaller.

I didn't over fill these, as it would defeat the purpose of putting lids on for storage or freezing!
I hope you enjoy them, they are delicious little sweet treats! 
Love to you all!  Thank you for being part of Chefwannabe!

Your "38 and still love having my own" chefwannabe

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