Monday, October 22, 2012

Amaretti Cookies!

Have you ever eaten Amaretti Cookies?  If not, get to the store, probably your local Italian market, but sometimes in regular grocery stores, and get some!  They are little crunchy bites of almond HEAVEN!

I have the hardest time finding them here in Omaha.  I find them on occasion but that just isn't gonna cut it.  I need them when I need them.  I use them for crusts, to crumble over ice cream, or just alone.  They are the only ALMOND flavored thing I love.  I never was a huge almond flavor fan until these.  This is one cookie I had  to learn to make and I did.  I found every single recipe I looked up was the same.  I decided it was ok that I didn't change it or write my own, or concoct a special formula. 

I mention it in the recipe but don't go spend money on superfine sugar if you have a food processor.  Just process your sugar for 30 seconds and wa-la, superfine sugar!  The almond paste is hard for some to find but I always get it near the pie filling section of your grocery store.  When you open the can, you will need 5 minutes alone with it.  To huff, and smell, and dream of a better world, where, I don't know, where maybe unicorns poop almond paste?  I dont' really know where I was going with that, but the point it, you WILL need a moment of special ME time with this can of almond paste.

I also made my cookies a WEE bit bigger and as you can see.  They turned out fine.  Oh wait, I mean THIS pan turned out fine.  Just keep reading.......

Find this near the pie filling!!

8 ounce can of Almond Paste
1 cup superfine sugar
2 lg egg whites

This can be done all in the food processor or all with an electric mixer.  I used the food processor because we know, I use it at all possible moments!
First get your oven preheated to 375 degrees (190 C).  Prepare a pastry bag.  Cut the tip off so you have approximately a 1/2 inch opening.  This isn't rocket science and if you are a bit bigger or smaller, no sweat, just roll with it my friends!  Get your cookie sheets lined with parchment paper, ESPECIALLY for this one.  I swear by parchment paper and I am sure it is the reason for my successful baking in recent years.  It has turned my life AROUND!  You really need it for this recipe though! 

Put your sugar in first.  There is a reason for this.  The original recipe calls for SUPERFINE sugar.  This can be accomplished just by processing your regular sugar for 30 seconds in the food processor.  You can purchase superfine sugar as well, but I don't get all into special things when I can make it at home just by this easy method!  Then add in the entire can of Almond paste, you know after you get done huffing the most amazing smell EVER!  Process about 10 seconds, until almond paste is broken up and combine with the sugar.  Next add in your egg whites in 2 additions.  After the second addition process dough until smooth!!

Now fill up your pastry bag.  I just buy the disposable ones.  Drop batter from the pastry bag into 1 1/2 mounds about 1 inch apart.  If you get little spiky tips, use a damp paper towel to smooth them out!  You can sprinkle a little extra sugar on top!

Bake for 15 minutes or until cookies are golden brown, and have formed a few little cracks.  Mine barely cracked at all.  Makes no difference, they were AMAZEBALLS!  Seriously incredible.  Just keep an eye on them so you don't burn them.  Why you ask, do I remind you of this??  Yea, because I blackened one entire pan!  Happens to all of us I think, or maybe not, maybe just me and if that is the case, I OWN that burned pan of cookies people, I OWN IT!!

For me the longer these sit out and dry and cool, the CRUNCHIER they are.  And I feel like that is exactly how it should be.  The neighbor should be knocking on your door asking you to STOP CRUNCHING COOKIES, because they crunch so loud!

Happy Amaretti Cookie Baking guys!

Your "now, HOW do I make a candle this strong"chefwannabe


  1. I cannot wait to make these!!! They sound so very delish!! (and I love amaretto too) aahahaha Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. These look so good and are gluten free! I love almond. I always use parchment paper as well. But normally I burn one pan of cookies per batch. So if there are four pans of cookies, it's not so bad since it's only one forth of the batch...but if there are two pans, then I am out half my cookies. Makes me a little sad.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe! :)

  3. You are so welcome! Thank you for reading AND taking time to leave comments! I hope you love them and I am so glad I am not alone in the burning of cookies! Baking has taken me so long to get right! Have a great evening!

  4. Thanks so much Chris.. just one qn.. almond paste is the same as almond butter??

  5. NO!! Almond paste is made from blanched almonds and almond butter is more like peanut butter. Thanks for reading!!!

  6. looks delicious & I am sure it is more tastier with added Almond paste....