Monday, July 4, 2022 HOME!

 Ok, I get it, you were hesitant to even click on this let alone read it.  But come on, it won't take too long and you might just enjoy it!

I am a closet ramen lover.  Not even closet, it is what it is.  It is sodium laden so I had to find a way to make it at home, as good as at a Ramen Bar or Noodle Bar.  I learned to add things, take away things.  I mean why am I so ashamed of loving ramen?  I have been a noodle girl since birth, but, it is what it is.  I had a recipe/article published on Fox News Magazine Online featuring my Asian Chili Ramen Wrapped Shrimp.

I wanted ramen to be able to be eaten without the stigma of being TERRIBLE.  We are a country experiencing unreal inflation in the cost of food.  People need to be able to buy more budget friendly food to spread out the healthy food and use up food instead of throwing it away.  This "recipe" if you will, does all of that.  A ramen bar or noodle bar will easily cost you 50.00 or near that.  Sometimes we want it at home, and here is how I do it!

I am going to base this on 2 packages of cheap ol' ramen.  Ready?  Here is what I had in the fridge this day that needed used, carrots and celery.  I thought I had a small head of cabbage but it had gone way to far to the other side to be salvaged.  I make the soup as directed but use only one packet of seasoning, just one.  Add both if you like.  I also had a little piece of round steak left from a meal earlier in the week, and so I sliced it up thin and threw it in as well.  Add some ginger if you have it, literally whatever you have.  If they are already cooked add them in at the end, and if raw, follow my video.  You are getting the delight of those long slurpy noodles AND fresh veggies and protein.  Add in a beaten raw egg at the end of cooking, or any meat or no meat.  Tofu?  YES!  

Just like I use leftover cooked veggies for veggie soup, I use raw for ramen.  Just kind of as a guide.  There is absolutely no measurement, not too much, not too little, none of that.  Add in as much as you can cook in the pot!  I use some soy sauce, low sodium and like I said, omit the second package of seasoning but if salt isn't a concern for you, no worries.  

I hope you enjoy!!

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