Monday, October 14, 2013

Gross Bloody Bandaids!

Gross, huh?  I know!  I told you I LOVE gross stuff!  I wasn't really kidding.  I am most people's idea of a nightmare dinner guest.  You wouldn't believe the conversations I can have while consuming food!!

These aren't so "OH HALLOWEEN" as they are "OMG HOW GROSS" which to me, is also SO Halloween-y!  I, in fact am delivering some of these sprinkled on a plate of cream puffs for my parents doctors office as a "thank you".    Fun idea, right?  I thought so. 

I, in fact, was trying to think of ways I could add dried up scabs, maybe some pus, oozing infectious discharge or something to these.  My husband was so skeeved out at the simple concept of a bloody band aid he nearly turned green when I made him try one.  They are an easy assembly kind of treat, no baking, and your kids will LOVE the grossness of it all, so get them in the kitchen with you!!

Bloody Band Aids
Graham Crackers (split in half)
Graham Cracker Sticks
1 cup white chocolate melts or chips
1 tsp vegetable oil (to thin melts if needed)
Red gel food coloring

Melt your white chocolate in a small Ziploc baggie, add in veg oil if you need it thinned out a little bit.  This is a great 2 person job, one person spreads on the white square in the middle, and one adds the blood!  Let harden and bam, easy, fun, and very disturbing Halloween treats!  I promise nobody else is going to be bringing bloody band aids to your Halloween parties!

Enjoy these!  Be disturbed, and possibly even get sick to your stomach at the thought, because all those things mean I was a success!!!

Your "Josie grossy" Chefwannabe

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