Friday, June 21, 2013

Egg Cream (Cold Drink)

Happy Summer!  Are all of your kids out of school?  I can remember the days.  It usually took less than 72 hours for Cody to be "boooorreed".  Oy!  We always had fun summers.  Fishing, crabbing, beach days, kites on the beach, Phillies games....... 
Anyway, I was thinking about all of you poor parents who are finding things to entertain these little chickens and thought I should write a nice stiff alcoholic drink recipe.  And then it occurred to me, "What about the CHILDREN" I thought to myself.  I have a couple alcoholic drinks on FTOACW already, I mean, who can have ENOUGH?  But, I have nothing you know, for the little wee ones!  By the way when I typed "what about the children", I was saying it all dramatic in my head.  Surprising?  Didn't think so.

This is an easy drink, made with things you probably already have on hand.  It is just a fizzy, refreshing, fun drink I think kids and adults alike will enjoy.  These are an old time fountain drink originating in Brooklyn.  They are so easy, I think even your kids could make them, themselves!   I am giving you a "recipe" for the size of glass I make, but, you can make any size and adjust.  I have never measured these ingredients before if that tells you how loose the recipe is.  You could use strawberry syrup or vanilla syrup in this as well!  OH you Rhode Islanders have this coffee syrup, I bet that would be SO good!

All measurements are approximate.  You can eyeball this easily and it will make no difference!  I used a 2 cup, jar glass for this.  You want lots of foam on top so keep that in mind!  (more than mine in my photo! It went down a bit in my "photographic" process LOL)  You need a LONG handle spoon like an iced tea spoon!  The goal is a chocolate bottom and white foam on top.  You don't want the foam to get brown from the chocolate!  Ready?!?!!

1 cup milk- COLD
3/4 cup seltzer water- CHILLED
2 tbsp chocolate syrup

Pour your milk in the glass first.  Then top with seltzer.  It should create a lot of foam on top.  Now carefully place 2 tbsp (approx.) chocolate syrup in the side and let it fall to the bottom.  Take your long handled spoon and place it all the way in the cup and then stir briskly but carefully as to not disturb the foam!  OH the stress!!!

Pop in a straw and enjoy this refreshing, old timey fountain drink on a hot summer day!

Your "don't disturb the head" Chefwannabe


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    1. No malt in an egg cream I have ever drank or made!! Do you put malt in yours?!?!