Sunday, April 1, 2012

APRIL FOOL'S PROPOSAL....My proposal story.

Hello Chefwannabe fans and friends!

Around Valentine's Day I had been asked for this post and I never got to it but, since today is the 10th anniversary of our proposal I thought I would finally share.

2-4 weeks before proposal day.
My father in law was ill in the hospital in Philly.  My husband and I were there for the day and decided while his doctors came in to visit we would go to the famous jewelers row and peruse some diamond rings.  George knew what I wanted, it wasn't as if we had never discussed it.  I wanted a ring just like my moms (old fashioned kind of style), or a past, present, future diamond ring.  My dear father-in-law, has never been anything but good to me but at first I wasn't sure he liked me so much.  As we told him where we were going, he got this look on his face, as if he meant business and wasn't joking and told my husband and I, "Don't you damn kids go buying any rings or doing anything STUPID, I want to have a talk with you Hoss".  Hoss has been my husbands nickname since the day he was born practically.   I kept myself composed until later, we hadn't spoken of it at all.  I lost it on the way home, I said, "If your dad doesn't LIKE me, I want to know what I did to make him feel that way.  *insert hysterical girlfriend sobbing*  I KNOW he is going to try and talk you out of marrying me and I don't know why he doesn't like me".  My husband grumbles around about how he DOES like me and it doesn't matter even if he doesn't he is going to marry me, etc.

Fast forward to April 1st.  I had gotten home from a crazy kids day at school and decided after dinner I was taking a wine and Enya soak in the bath.  Just before I got in the phone rings.  "Hello?.  Chris is Hoss around?  Sure, let me get him.."  I tell George,"It is your dad and he sounds  MAD".  I can overhear things like "yes dad, I know dad, ok, I will be over in a few minutes, yes, I will be alone".  *Insert psycho crying again*, "OMG, this is the talk he is going to have with you George, please find out WHAT I have done to make him have ill feelings about me".  I get into soak and George and Cody leave.   I have no idea how much time passed.  My father in law had been cleaning his house out, getting ready to sell so he was forever sending things of my husbands late mother over and other boxes of Georges belongings as he would come across them.  I hear a knock on the bathroom door.  This quiet voice says, "Chris, can you come out here?"  "Dad sent stuff over and I want you to see it".  This is embarrassing... sorry Dad Geo.  "NO, I don't give a crap what he sent over, find a place to put it, and let me finish my bath, I don't care what he sent"  "Chris, please come out here".  So I get out, bang some stuff around like a good girlfriend in a bad mood does.  I put on a pair of ripped off, to shorts flannel pajama bottoms and a tank top, hair in a towel  and head down the hallway.  When I hit the living room I see George, and Cody both on one knee.  George his holding a ring, and Cody has some roses.  I could tell George was trying to find the right words but he didn't have to...Cody jumped right in, with his little squeaky 11 year old voice and says, "Dad and I were wondering if you would marry us, well I mean you only have to marry him but would you be my mom too"?  I was bawling and George was laughing by this time, he said, "Yea...what he said".  Then he said.  "When my dad called, it was so I could come pick up my moms wedding ring.  She wanted me to have it and he wanted me to have it to give to you.  She was the woman I adored, loved and respected most on this earth.  She was beautiful and loving.  There is only one other woman I know to measure up to that, and it is you.  I would be honored if you would by my wife, and wear my mothers rings".  I didn't even say Yes.  I said,  YOUR DAD DOESN'T HATE ME????  Then I said yes.  What proceeded was a whole lot of, OMG, OMG, OMG and Cody getting on the phone with um....people he probably shouldn't have, to tell them the news.

So that is it.  Somewhere in the world there is a disposable camera of photos from that night.  Cody had talked his dad into buying him one so he could take pictures.

These 2 men have brought me such joy, such happiness, ups, and plenty of downs lots of a drama and more fun and love than I knew ever existed in one family.

I would say OMG OMG OMG a million times over again.

Here is the best WASN'T an April Fool's Joke, he really meant it!!

AND, the ring looks JUST like my moms!!

Hoping you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That's a very touching story. Not many women get proposed to by two young men at the same time.