Friday, January 27, 2012

National Chocolate Cake Day! We got this one covered!

I live in a country where there is a National CHOCOLATE CAKE Day?  I LOVE AMERICA!  See, this is why I am never successful at dieting, I feel like being a true American means when theses days come around, they must be observed completely, morning until night.  It isn't my fault, and now, I have proof.  Just sayin...

These are some tasty little chocolate cupcakes!  I will admit, it started out as a way to use up my ganache from my panettone cream cake but it was obviously part of a greater plan.  I think you will enjoy these and I think you might enjoy making them for the ones you love when you see the surprise inside!

We have discussed this before, I USE CAKE MIXES.  I am not a baker, I can hardly make cookie dough turn out right.  I as usual, keep trying.  My husband thinks my obsession with cupcakes is by choice, it isn't.  It is the only thing I can BAKE that turns out fairly well each time.   Therefore, I am obsessed.  I don't hear him complaining when I serve one up for dessert, do you?  Exactly.

So, proudly take your chocolate cake mix of choice in hand, and say to yourself, "I am smart, I am good enough and doggone it, people LIKE ME".  Now stand proud and give me a little deep shoulder action while you whisk away at your cake mix!  Oh yea that is right, just like that, to your favorite song blaring, and sing LOUD too.  Yea now that is what I call shakin' and bakin'!!

Anyway, follow your cake mix instruction.  Any chocolate cake will do When you have mixed it completely I want you to add:
1 cup choc chips (your choice of chocolate)
1 tsp instant coffee granules
1 tsp vanilla

Give it a quick stir and set aside.  Preheat your oven to 350 or whatever your directions are.

You will need:
18-24 large marshmallows and I WISH I had gotten chocolate! Any kind though will work find
18-24 large conversation hearts (I got Brach's) (double that if you want one on top like I did)

Take a small knife and pierce the center of the marshmallow and shimmy in a conversation heart.
They won't fit exactly but it doesn't matter.  Though the marshmallow will make a sweet, little bit gooey spot in the center, it really is to hold the heart in place!

 When you are all done, line your cupcake tin and add 1 tbsp of batter to each.  Place your marshmallow hearts in and then cover with more batter until the marshmallow is hidden.

Bake for 16-20 minutes.  Some of the marshmallow will probably goo out of the top but it is fine, you are going to frost them so nobody will see it!  Stick a heart on top if you like and make sure your message hearts say just how you feel!!

Hope you enjoy biting into these delicious cupcakes and finding a gooey heart surprise on the inside!  I piped some whipped ganache onto mine.  

For the record, when I cooled mine and then cut it in half, I could still read the message on the heart!  

Your "love is a wonderful thing and so is National Choc. Cake Day"chefwannabe
P.S.  The inside....

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  1. Gimme! :) Not only a delicious chocolate cupcake but with a surprise! Yumm:)