Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Liebster Award!!!!

I am so excited!  Look over here ------->

Thanks so much to Hilary head baker over at My Blog Review, I have been given this award.  Make sure to stop in and help share my gratitude to Hilary for choosing me as a recipient.  

It is my turn to pass this on to 5 up and coming bloggers who rock my socks off!!  Here they are...

Crunchy Creamy Sweet- This woman has a profile picture on her FB that makes me want to lick my screen each time I see it.  She is creative (not only with food) and she truly is "sweet".  I am fortunate to have come across her blog, and love reading about her incredible breads, cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes :)  Did I mention her desserts? <3

Carrie's Experimental Kitchen- If this is an "experimental" kitchen, I pray she never makes it out of the experiment phase!  Carrie makes the most delicious dishes and she writes the neatest most orderly recipes ever.  I am completely envious of her ability to make it so easy for her readers.  You inspire me recipe master!!

It's Less Important Than You Think- Jessica is a busy mom and wife, who is always up to something new.  Her husband went vegan and this blog is her journey to learning to cook for him (and her) while raising her two young children in an environmentally friendly home and working full time.  She is a "crunchy" mom, and her dry humor will keep you coming back just to see what in the hell she is up to in her next project!  Oh, keep checking in with her, she has been slow in her blogs as she nearly cut her thumb off doing only God knows what!  

Running With The Devil (ed) Eggs- Katrin is a great cook, and a great mom!  Her blog will make you laugh and inspire you to get into your kitchen and do amazing things!  She even has dance parties on her Facebook wall.  How creative and fun is that?!?!  I am a fairly new fan of this blog but I am completely addicted.  She obviously knows her stuff, and is wonderful enough to share that stuff with the world!  

Edible Creations by Madonna- Mary is the QUEEN of chocolate!  She has been making chocolates for over 25 years!  Her exquisite work has been the centerpieces of weddings, anniversary's, party's and events all around NJ and PA.  She is so creative and absolutely will find a way to make anyone, anything.  Look for yourself.  She works full time and is a queen chocolatier full time!  The world is sweeter because Mary is in it!

Now it is your turn girls!  Pass this award on to 5 up and coming bloggers you love!

Your "I would like to thank the academy"chefwannabe


  1. Chris, you made my day! Thank you, thank you! Hugs! ( doing happy dance) :)

  2. You crack me up Chris! Thanks so much for the award and the compliment, it truly means a lot! xoxo

  3. Sorry I'm a little behind but I've posted the award! Thanks again!