Sunday, September 4, 2011

Almost Like Mom's Coleslaw

Happy Labor Day Weekend! 
 For so many this means school is about to start (or has started) and the fall weather is coming soon!  Since I didn't start this blog until after the summer, I decided to hurry and post a recipe for something maybe you could use for your Labor Day weekend picnics!  COLESLAW! 

Can I be honest?  I hate coleslaw.  To me, its always some various shade of dingy white, or appears to have no dressing on it at all.  Raw cabbage isn't my favorite thing, so it just seemed unnecessary to even eat it.  Oh but I forgot, at all diners, EVERYTHING comes with a damn side of mystery cabbage in a cup.  Have you ever stopped to think how long its possibly been in their walk in fridge?  Gross.  

Many years ago my husband informed me of one of his food indulgences, ready?  A slice of ham, topped with a pile of coleslaw.  Only thing is, it has to be "like my mom made it".  I have one word.  SWEET.  Everything she made him was, sweet!  He gave me some random ingredients he thought she put in it and I went to town.  I used sugar the first couple of times but it was to grainy, so I went to a simple syrup.  I think I have mastered the coleslaw my husband claims is the ultimate coleslaw.  It has mayo in it, that alone is enough to keep me away like its the plague.  I even have to buy the shredded cabbage mix and then food process it until its basically unrecognizable as cabbage.  I have found however, many people who like it this way.  Here it is....

Almost like Mom's Coleslaw

2-14ounce bags of shredded coleslaw.  Use a regular head if you like, shredded was on sale.

1 cup of Hellmans Mayo
Simple Syrup  (1/2 cup sugar and 3 tbsp water dissolved in a small saucepan then let cool completely)
2 tbsp vinegar of your choice (I have also used pickle juice!)
1/4 cup milk
salt and pepper to taste

Put shredded cabbage in your food processor and process until it is in smaller bits.  Place into a large bowl.  Prepare dressing and add to cabbage, mix thoroughly.   

Refrigerate at least an hour before serving.  I like making it the day before.  I just made a batch for Sunday supper tonight and it will have been in the fridge only 3 hours.  

Like I said, this is on the sweet side.  I never had to pay attention to how much of anything I was putting in food until this blog.  I feel so grown up.  It scares me.  

So my husband says this slaw is awesome on top of burgers and BBQ sandwhiches but ham RULES. Whatev....

I know this is short but I wanted to get it posted quickly.  Look for a new blog tomorrow......


Your "Labor Day Slaw" chefwannabe,


  1. I have the recipe that Dreisbach's used. It is divine...WE LOVE COLESLAW here at our house. I especially love it piled on a pulled pork sandwich. Mmmmmmmmmm yummy! :)


  2. The one I grew up with was a vinegar and oil slaw. It kind of comes across like a German potato salad, but with cabbage instead. But like this type of slaw as well.