Saturday, October 22, 2022

Witches Brew Snack Mix

Happy Saturday Friends!  Who celebrates Halloween?  While I don't celebrate it anymore, I knew someone would love an easy snack mix for the little ghosties, superheroes, and princesses in your life.  We can just enjoy it as a fun fall treat as well!

Did your mom or grandmom ever give out homemade treats?  I remember a year or 2 that my mom gave out caramel apples I want to say.  Maybe it was something else, but boy are those days gone.  Those are the first things that hit the trash (well right after 3 musketeers bars)!  Sometimes I love for the days of old but am always blessed and excited for the time I have been given by waking up each day.  

I have been a clown, cheerleader, referee, ballerina, little bow peep, did I mention clown?  Some of the costumes I remember as a kid.  There were things we were not allowed to dress up as, and we probably shouldn't have been allowed to dress up as. HAHA!

So, where I got this recipe.  My sister's mother-in-law came to visit, and she had a little breakfast get together at her house.  Her mother-in-law, queen of entertainment and games had this "thing" we were going to make.  I thought it was a beverage, but no, snack mix. HOORAY!  As she read off one ingredient at a time, oh wait, she had given us a Ziploc bag first thing.  THEN she read each ingredient as it was passed around the table, and you could take how much you wanted, etc.  I think I took 2 raisins which I switched out for chocolate chips in my recipe.  They really do look like bugs, and at 48, I am still not adult enough to get that out of my brain!  So, we continued with each ingredient until our mix was done.  Then we played a game seeing who could name the 10 body parts with only 3 letters and the winner got to add whatever ingredient they wanted to their bag.  Btw, you think this is an easy task, naming 10 body parts that only have 3 letters.  Guys, the M&M's were staring at me, my favorite ingredient was on the line, and I biffed it!  BAD!

I am going to insert your ingredients and their "Halloween" names.  This would be fun to play with kids or to serve with the written recipe stuck in it!Either put this into individual bags, or into a large bowl with an airtight lid!

ENJOY and don't let the blood drops drip!  Chew your chicken toenails well and PLEASE don't choke on the bat bones!

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