Thursday, August 19, 2021

Fresh Strawberry Jello Fluff

 Good Afternoon from sunny Nebraska!  I pray this finds you all well, physically and mentally.  There is so much going on in the world and I hope you are all doing well, and dealing well.

It has been awhile since I shared a new recipe with you.  I have been filming my old recipes for my YouTube channel as I need them or make them.  Also sprinkling in some shopping and crafting!  If you don't follow me there please do, I would love to have you.  Here is the link to my channel, Chefwannabe's Life

So let's get into my history with jello.  It probably should come with a disclaimer that my comparisons will be gross, and well, yeah,

As a child I loved jello, PLAIN, no fruit in it.  Meh.  Also, it required some whipped topping.  I is what it is.  As an adult, I can't stand it.  After seeing babies born, any jiggly jello reminds me of placenta.  Ok?  Ok.  I said it, you know I don't mince words, gross or not.  And I just can NOT eat it.  In an attempt to make friends with the jello, I decided to play with it.  Yes, I play with food often!

I had to try this a couple of time to get it to work perfectly.  Perfect consistency, etc.  Let me preface this recipe with IF your strawberries are not as sweet as you would like, you can sprinkle them with some sugar, let them macerate, and then drain off ALL liquid before adding them to the jello.  This is a must, so decide what you can do with the strawberry goodness instead of sending down the drain.  Here we go!

1 3.4 oz. pkg strawberry jello

2 cups strawberries cut in chunks

1 8 oz. tub whipped topping

1-2 cups mini marshmallows

Place jello powder in your bowl with 1 cup boiling water and only 1/2 cup cold water.  Make sure the powder is completely dissolved and place in refrigerator.  Let chill JUST UNTIL the edges are starting to set.  Remove and using a hand mixer blend in cool whip and strawberries.  Let some of the strawberries stay chunking and some get blended up a bit more.  When you are sure it is blended well, (scrap the bottom or you will get a layer of gelatinous goo at the bottom) fold in marshmallows and place back into the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.  Yes, I said it and overnight is best.  The texture is perfection, PERFECTION I tell you!  I can NOW EAT JELLO!  

I don't know if you eat jello as a side or as a dessert.  As a kid my mom had it with dinner, and my husband grew up with jello as a dessert.  Jello.....DESSERT?  I will take a hard pass on that one.  


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