Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Updates, Social Media, And Unicorns Oh My!

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

I decided since Facebook doesn't want to show my posts to everyone with me paying for it, I would try and get information to you this way!  We shall see!  If you want to follow me, keep up with me or enjoy my content here, and on YouTube please keep reading!

I would love to have you follow my website directly.  On the right hand column you will see a section called "Followers".  Just click FOLLOW!  Nothing else involved.  You can also choose to get email updates of new posts. At the bottom of that column you will see "Follow By Email".  You will not get spam, you will only get notifications when I post a new blog/recipe post!

YOU TUBE: ChefWannabe's Life
I am LOVING making videos for you guys!  Recipes, hauls, my journey with eye disease, mental illness, and "Keepin' It Real" videos about life in general.  I craft, do DIY's, and home decor.  I would be more than honored to have you hit SUBSCRIBE  I post new video alerts on FB as well but, well you know how that goes.  Please always remember to give me a LIKE (thumbs up) and leave your comments, that really helps me so much!

INSTAGRAM: ftchefwannabe
This is where it is at these days!  You can find me at, ftchefwannabe.  Again, I would love to have you.  I am going to be doing ore live streams on Instagram, and would like to build my presence there as well.  Instagram is hot right now, so make sure to come find me!

I don't think I need to explain the awesomeness of Pinterest, do I?  Follow my different boards, including a board of just my YouTube videos as well!

This is my original social media website!  So long ago!  Make sure to hover your mouse over the FOLLOWING box under the banner, and hit SEE FIRST to make sure to always see my posts.  Do it for any page you enjoy that you don't see often enough!  Thank you for your interaction there as well!

OK friends, it is time for me to go get prepped to film a new video and write a new blog post for you.  I want you to know I still do this blog and recipes because I love it, but the truth of the matter is, it isn't enough.  Social media is a must and I have fallen in love with YouTube and the interaction I get with you all there too!

I would be so grateful if you would share this post, or any of my links, share my YT channel to friends who might enjoy them!  I am so grateful for the friendships, the support, and the fulfillment I get from having each one of you in my life and part of my Chefwannabe Family!
 I do a live stream video on my YouTube Channel.  We talk about EVERYTHING!  Join us!  
8pm CST  
Pacific Time: 6pm
Mountain: 7pm
Eastern: 9pm

With this all being said, I wish you a great day, and abundant blessings always!


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