Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee Cake Cupcakes!

What actually differentiates a cupcake from a muffin?  My answer to that question, is that a cupcake has frosting.  Right?  A muffin can be topped with a crumble, or something of that nature, but, is there icing on a muffin?  There shouldn't be, should there?  I am so confused, I have so many questions and nobody to answer them!  But, what do I always say?  The world is your sandwich my friends, make it how you like it.  And I am doing just that.

Cupcakes for breakfast.  That is how I want MY day to start out.  Coffee cake is one of my favorite things, and for the record, if you eat it without drinking coffee at the same time, weird stuff happens in your lower GI.  Total truth.  Or is it your upper GI?  Is there a middle GI?  If so, it happens there too.  Tea or coffee, don't risk it guys. 

Since this is my birthday MONTH.  I decided I have the right to make as many kinds of cupcakes as I can think of or you request.  I will make hot wing cupcakes if I need to and frankly, I have my own challenge facing me in regards to cupcakes. Spaghetti and Meatballs Cupcakes.  It will happen my friends, oh yes, it WILL happen.  I mean I managed to make a cupcake that is completely meant to be eaten in the morning.  Psshh, I am basically a cupcake goddess now. (in my own mind of course) 

Here is one little, teeny, weeny, minor issue I have with this recipe.  I was heating up some soup for breakfast.  What?  Don't judge.  Anyway I hit the clear button on the micro 2 times and it cleared out the time remaining on my cupcakes! OMG I have no idea how long they took to bake!  Well after whittling it down by use of the radio and how many songs had played, googled said songs for the song length and adding it up, I came up with a pretty close range I think.  I never claimed to be on top of things, I am just resourceful in fixing things.  Probably because I mess up so much!

Heeeeeeeere we go!
1 cup milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups flour
4 tsp. baking soda
pinch of salt
2 eggs
4 T. melted butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. cinnamon
granulated sugar for topping

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Line cupcake pan with liners, this will make 15-18 regular sized cupcakes.  Toss all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix until just combined. 

Easy or what?  Fill up those cupcake papers, sprinkle the tops with a little sugar and bake for (as we discussed) 15-20 minutes.  Check with a toothpick.  Insert into the middle, if it comes out clean, with no wet batter, it is done!  Let cool completely. 

Next you need the part that makes it a CUPCAKE, in my humble opinion!  The frosting!
5 oz. softened cream cheese
2 T room temperature butter
1/3 cup vanilla coffee creamer (powdered)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 T milk
pecan halves, or pieces for topping. 

Mix all ingredients by hand or with a hand mixer.  Place into a piping bag or a Ziploc bag and snip off the top and drizzle that way or just frost them.  Place the pecan in the center on the top or sprinkle with pieces.  Or don't do either! 

Enjoy these!!!


  1. I am loving these Coffee Cake Cupcakes! They look so yummy! Thank younger joining us at #purebloglove. We enjoy having you every Thursday night at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

  2. Is there no flour in this recipe? Just eggs ,sugar, soda, butter, salt and cinnamon?

    1. Oh man Sharon! I STILL occasionally miss an ingredient. It has been added and I think you for posting the comment. When someone catches a mistake, I know they read, and I love that you didn't hesitate to ask! One of these days I will be perfect.......nah, I won't! HA! Thanks for reading Sharon!

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