Monday, October 20, 2014

Bloody Brain Shots (Alcoholic)

Gross, right?  I know and you KNOW I love that!  I love gross stuff at Halloween.  I love gross stuff all the time, to be totally honest.  But when it is gross and you can eat it.  Perfection. 

I had never heard of a Bloody Brain or a Brain Hemorrhage as they are sometimes called.  When I saw them recently I knew I had to try them at home.  They couldn't be easier, OR more disgustingly delicious!  I imagine my annual Halloween Costume party, and having a vampire or zombie at the door with a tray of these, offering one to each guest as they arrive.  Let me rephrase, the annual Halloween Costume party my husband and I vowed to have each year since it is our anniversary and we have never had.  Yeah, that's the one. 

You don't need the finest of liquor for these.  Just choose what brand you like and move with it.  It is just as simple as density, you use these particular liquors for the look obviously and the fact one is more dense than the other. 

You will need:
1 oz.  Peach Schnapps
1-2 straws Irish Cream Liquor
Splash (maybe 1/2 tbsp. to 1 tbsp.) Grenadine

Amounts are sort of "approximate" since shot glasses are different.  Fill with peach schnapps about 3/4 of the way.  Add your "brain" with the Irish cream.  You can do the "brain" a hundred ways.   Using a straw is what I recommend.  Dip a straw in a tall glass of your Irish Cream put your finger on the end and then while still holding the end with your finger to keep the Irish cream in, put it barely under the surface and let spurts of it out until the straw is empty.  OR, you can do the same method only move it in circles around the shot glass floating it on top.  No matter how you do it and if it ends up looking like a brain or not, it is gross, gruesome and awesome!!  Maybe yours will turn out like an autopsy! Next, gently drip or drizzle in your grenadine. 

If I made video's this would be the perfect video, this has to be the most approximate, unspecific set of directions I have ever written, but I think anyone with any experience in the alcohol department will get it.  HA!

Maybe you could serve these sitting next to this Meat Face Meat and Cheese Tray.


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  1. The easiest way to dribble the Grenadine I have found, is to hold a spoon over the glass on an angle, backside facing toward ceiling. Let the Grenadine Flow down slowly the tip of the spoon.