Monday, August 13, 2012

Dishes From Others That You Should Try!

Hello everyone!

When you are reading this, I am likely spending great family time with my son, his girlfriend and my husband.  I would guess we are laughing, eating, exploring and doing lots of chillin'!

I hope you are enjoying the lineup of guest blogs I have arranged.  I am proud and honored to have these women write a post to share with all of you.  It warms my heart that they would take time out of their lives to keep my readers fed with new recipes!

This is going to be a blog where I send you on a trip!  A trip to other blogs, specifically blog posts that include recipes I have tried myself!  Yes, I DO make other peoples recipes from time to time!  And a few of these are on my "to do" list! One that I am sharing with you is one I will be making for sure for my son.  Who cares if it is hot!  We WILL be having chicken and dumplings!!

Enjoy your trip around the blogiverse and make sure if you haven't "LIKED" these blogs on Facebook or joined up to follow them on their actual blogs that you do so!  I would never steer you wrong!

I can't wait to get back and cook again!

The Not So Desperate Chef Wife

Southern Plate aka Christy Jordan's Southern Plate


My Imperfect Kitchen

It's Yumilicious!

This is just an article I found interesting as of late!

As a former floral designer, this really grabbed me .....EDIBLE FLOWERS!

Make sure to look through all the recipes at all of these blogs!  You will love that you did might find more new dishes to try!

I hope you are having a great day!!  Please keep posting pics of your food, questions and requests while I am away!  I will be reading each time I get a chance and would love to see everything you are cooking while I am away!

Your "Georgia On My Mind" Chefwannabe

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